Alex Gough

2006, 2010, 2014 Canadian Olympian, 2nd 2013/2014 World Cup Overall, 2011 & 2013 World Championship Bronze Medalist


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Thanks everyone for joining in! I hope you enjoyed the chat! Please feel free to use my EnergyBITS promo code AGOUGH #teambits

A9 CONT I’ve gotten ahead of myself looking for a result before I do the work and it’s resulted in a less than stellar result #teambits

A9 Absolutely, I have to be careful that my confidence and mindset is focused on the performance and not the result #teambits

Q9 Since mindset equates somewhat to confidence. Is it possible to be overconfident? #teambits

A7 CONT Having the positive, confident mindset I do now I am able to learn what I need to from a bad race and move on to the next #teambits

A7 I usually have back to back World Cup weeks and something I had to work on was letting go of a bad competition #teambits

A6 CONT And start believing that the Germans weren't unbeatable! #teambits

A6 CONT I used ‘self-talk’ to build my confidence in myself and in doing so was able to gain consistency in my races #teambits

A6 CONT Changing that mentality and getting to where I believe I can compete with/beat the Germans was not easy! #teambits

A6 I got into a sport that was/is so dominated by Germany that I adopted the common mentality that I could only race for 4th/5th #teambits

A5 When I was finally changed my mindset I wasn't intimidated anymore and felt I belonged on WC and I made a huge jump in results #teambits

A4 I am able to comfortably address and work on my weaknesses with our losing confidence in myself and my strengths #teambits

A2 CONT I would have one great race run and be in a better position than I thought I could/should be and have a terrible 2nd run #teambits

A2 I hit a point where not believing I could compete among the best held me back from taking the next step in my performances #teambits

A1 To me it means that I am confident in my abilities and my right to be competing at the level that I am. #teambits